Apéro Tonic Cocktail

Apéro Tonic

Olives, herbs, flowers or berries join the cocktail party in this alternative by Adèle Besnier to the gin and tonic.

Adèle Besnier enjoys getting customer feedback in order to add new recipes to her collection of cocktails. That’s how the bartender at Halle Quatre restaurant, in Paris’s Montparnasse district, came to dust off the gin and tonic recipe by choosing Oli'Gin – an ABV 41% French gin infused with three varieties of olives – and different garnishes to create new flavour notes.

Ingredients (1 serving)

  • Oli’Gin or Melifera gin, an organic French gin distilled with immortal flower
  • A tonic water like Hysope or Fever Tree
  • Garnishes: glaze of black olives and cuttlefish ink, aromatic herbs, flowers, berries, other fruits...


  • Take a tumbler glass or a balloon-type stemmed glass with a capacity of at least 300ml.
  • Add some ice.
  • Pour in 40ml of gin.
  • Finish with about 200ml of tonic water.
  • Then decorate with garnishes: herbs, flowers, fruit peel... whatever each person would like.

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