Getting Back into the Habit of Restaurant Dining

Getting Back into the Habit of Restaurant Dining

Rediscover the pleasures of dining out and trying new dishes and cuisines – all while staying within your budget

The ease of food delivery, not to mention the rising cost of living, has eaten into our habit of dining out. In response, restaurants are cooking up ideas to tempt consumers out of their nests.

With a cornucopia of rich experiences, gorgeous presentation and delicious surprises, moments of culinary pleasure and delight are yours to (re)discover!

Lockdowns and telework have revised our dining habits

The restaurant sector has been at the heart of major upheavals in the past two years, with lockdowns and curfews that forced establishments to shutter their doors. During those times when it was impossible to dine in a restaurant or on its terrace, many people got into the habit of ordering their favourite dishes to take away. Whether they didn't feel like cooking or wanted to try new dishes without leaving the comforts of their home (and pyjamas!), many turned to food delivery services.

The pandemic also accelerated the trend of remote work, which reinforced these new habits. As a result, fewer people today are going out for lunch or coffee with colleagues.

The restaurant, an incomparable social setting

Restaurant dining is one of life’s great pleasures. Besides not having to plan a meal, cook it and wash up afterwards, going out to eat offers variety and inspiration. And not only in a gastronomic sense! For many, it's a way to refill their social reservoir. Seeing neighbours at a local eatery, tasting the latest food trends, gathering around a merry table with family, friends and colleagues... Restaurants serve up so much more than just a meal.

This invitation to leave your nest opens up the possibilities of surprising your tastebuds with unexpected ingredients and specials of the day that aren’t always available online. There’s also the restaurant‘s ambiance, the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen, the in-person recommendations from the chef and waitstaff – all of which combine to create a multi-sensory experience that can’t be duplicated at home.

Tips for saving money when dining out

It's a common misconception that food delivery is less expensive than on-premise dining. Many restaurants offer set menus – a main with starter and/or dessert – and special deals that cater to every appetite without breaking the bank.

Inspired by streaming platforms, a small but growing number of establishments are offering subscription services to reward loyal customers and entice new ones. This inventive way of dining out is garnering attention, although it doesn’t quite satisfy the desire for variety and the unexpected.

Another example of innovation in the restaurant world: the ALL loyalty programme that gives members numerous advantages while leaving the field wide open for discoveries. Incredible but inexpensive restaurants in Lyon or Paris overflow with excellent deals, novel dishes and revisited classics. Be sure to check out their happy hours and the attentive service lavished on both long-time and new customers.

The time has come to rediscover the singular pleasures of going out to eat!

(*) Average meal price calculated on the basis of starter and main course or main course and dessert, excluding drinks, menu and promotional offers. The average price is an estimate only, calculated according to the prices provided by the restaurant. Depending on the country, the average price may or may not include all taxes.