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Ouakari - signature cocktail

Monkey bar

Julien Nourri - Head Bartender at Monkey Place

His career

Originally from Normandy, Julien Nourri arrived in the Vendée to pursue studies in hospitality and catering. At the end of his training, he obtained an additional mention as a bartender.

He then made his debut in the world of palaces, at the Hermitage de la Baule. Tempted by the international, he perfected for two years the art of the shaker in a cocktail bar in England before becoming Head Barman. Ambitious and determined, he joined the British Bartenders' Association with which he won the national final of the Calvados Trophies and finished 3rd in the international final.

When Julien returns to France, he creates his cocktails for customers of ski resorts in winter and seaside towns in summer. After a few years of chaining the seasons, Julien puts his suitcases in a casino where he will stay for ten years. In 2020, the Mercure hotel in La Roche-sur-Yon asked him to take charge of its new bar, the Monkey Place. Since then, Julien has been offering a cocktail menu in his image that gives pride of place to fresh products and homemade preparations."

His signature cocktail

The Mandrill. The secret of this powerful cocktail based on vodka and chilli lies in the delicate harmony created by the notes of mint and strawberry.

Ouakari - per glass

4 cl of white rum

1 cl of triple sec

1/2 squeezed lime

2 cl of passion fruit puree

6 cl of pineapple juice

1 cl of grenadine syrup

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker Shake gently and mix long enough Serve in a tiki glass with ice cubes.

The final exotic touch: Decorate with a slice of dried pineapple and pineapple leaves.

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