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Recipe of the chef Sarah Ifrah Ohana - Rhubarb

Rhubarb  Taste of Paris


Sarah Ifrah Ohana - Pastry Cheffe - Novotel Paris Les Halles

Sarah Ifrah Ohana discovered the world of pastry at a very young age thanks to her pastry chef grandmother who passed on her vocation to her.

She spent two years on the benches of the prestigious Ferrandi school where she learned the art of pastry and chocolate. Sarah made her debut at L’Hôtel as assistant chef Grégory Rejou, who offered her the position of junior chef at the starred restaurant Le Restaurant.

Sarah was then spotted by L'Agapé, a starred establishment where she became the pastry chef. This experience holds a special place in his career and the development of his talent. In July 2021, she takes over from chef Quentin Lechat at T’Time du Jardin Privé and redesigns the gourmet offer with frank, daring and unexpected flavors.

Its signature desserts

"Chocolate Jerusalem artichoke. A perfect balance between the raw and earthy notes of Jerusalem artichoke and the smoothness of chocolate that meet in a bold combination of flavors.

 The travel ruler. The pastry chef invites the savory to the T'Time menu for a trip to Dallas, Hanoi, Alexandria, Paris and Milan."


4 people


"Shortcrust pastry  

250 g of semi-salted butter

500 g of flour

180 g powdered sugar

60 g almond powder

100 g eggs (about 2 eggs)


Creamy goat cheese

250 g goat's milk

62.5 g egg yolks (about 3 egg yolks)

50 g sugar

15 g cream powder

75 g semi-salted butter

2 g gelatin


Rhubarb compote

5 pieces of rhubarb stem

Hibiscus syrup (measure according to your taste)



1 liter of water

250 g of sugar

Hibiscus (to measure according to your taste)


Rhubarb jelly

250 g rhubarb puree

20 g sugar

2 g agar-agar

10 g gelatin


Rhubarb leather

250 g rhubarb purée

5 g lemon juice (about 3 tablespoons)

" Shortbread dough

Mix the butter and dry ingredients with a sheet of paper until you obtain a sandy texture. Add the eggs. Roll out the dough to 4 mm, place in circles and bake at 170 °C for 8 to 10 minutes.


Creamy goat cheese

Bring the goat's milk to a boil, then add the yolks, sugar and cream powder. Cook until it reaches 82°C. Remove from heat and add butter and rehydrated gelatin. Allow to cool, filming on contact.



Bring water, hibiscus and sugar to a boil. Strain and let cool.


Vacuum packed rhubarb compote

Place the peeled rhubarb in a bag, cut into 10 cm pieces and pour the syrup halfway up the bag. Vacuum seal the bag.

Bring water to a boil and immerse the bag for 2 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave in the pan for 12 minutes. Let cool, drain and blend.


Rhubarb jelly

Heat the rhubarb. Separately, combine sugar and agar-agar. Bring to a boil and add the rehydrated gelatin. Blend and spread thinly on a plate. Cut into pieces.


Rhubarb leather

Mix the rhubarb purée and the lemon juice. Let dehydrate at 45°C for 6 hours.

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