Team breakfast


Top 10 Restaurants for a Business Breakfast

Ensure your working day gets off to a delicious and revitalising start with our choice of the finest spots to enjoy a business breakfast.

How you start your day decides how your day will be. And the way to make sure your day is great is by kicking it off with a great breakfast. The first – and most important – meal of the day is also an ideal opportunity to get together with business partners and professional colleagues and lay the groundwork for a successful working day to come. Here we’ve chosen 10 of the best restaurants for a business breakfast – whether you’re in the mood for a simple snack of fragrant, freshly brewed coffee and melt-in-the-mouth pastries, for energising cereals and freshly picked fruit, or for a hearty, sustaining hot meal. Bright, inspiring settings and flawless service also play their part in ensuring your breakfast is just the start to a fulfilling and fruitful day’s business.

(*) Average meal price calculated on the basis of starter and main course or main course and dessert, excluding drinks, menu and promotional offers. The average price is an estimate only, calculated according to the prices provided by the restaurant. Depending on the country, the average price may or may not include all taxes.