Top 10 cosy restaurants


Top 10 Restaurants for Cosy Winter Dining

Winter is the season for getting together to savour good food in a warm setting. Here’s our list of 10 restaurants for cosy winter dining.

Summer is long gone, and now is the time to come in out of the cold. When the days get shorter and the temperatures outside begin to fall, there’s nothing better than meeting up with friends and family in a cosy setting to share good times. Vital ingredients in the recipe for a warming get-together are snug, welcoming surroundings and an atmosphere of genuine hospitality – but most important is honest food made with love, inspiration and the freshest regional ingredients. Here we’ve chosen 10 of the finest restaurants where you’re guaranteed to enjoy dishes that will nourish you inside and out.

(*) Average meal price calculated on the basis of starter and main course or main course and dessert, excluding drinks, menu and promotional offers. The average price is an estimate only, calculated according to the prices provided by the restaurant. Depending on the country, the average price may or may not include all taxes.