Vegetarian Restaurants


Top 10 Restaurants for Vegetarian Dining

Experience an array of healthy and delectable meat-free culinary creations with our list of the Top 10 restaurants for vegetarian dining.

Fertile lands basking in hot sunshine during the summer and watered by gentle rains in mild winters make the Mediterranean region an endless source of fresh, wholesome produce. Similarly, a plethora of sun-kissed vegetables and fruits, and the use of premium, cold-pressed olive oils, make the cuisines of these countries both delicious and healthy – to say nothing of the area’s peerless wines. Here we’ve chosen 10 restaurants where gifted chefs turn these exquisite ingredients into enticing meat-free dishes, ranging from recipes handed down over generations to audacious, innovative new creations. You’ll savour an array of inventive vegetarian cuisine that is healthy, sustainable and delectable.

(*) Average meal price calculated on the basis of starter and main course or main course and dessert, excluding drinks, menu and promotional offers. The average price is an estimate only, calculated according to the prices provided by the restaurant. Depending on the country, the average price may or may not include all taxes.