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  • Cabourg: France's romantic seaside town

    Long before the promenade was named after him, Marcel Proust used to come here often. Cabourg is a jewel in France's 'Floral Coast' in the heart of Normandy, at the gateway to the rural Auge area and D-Day landing beaches. With streets winding down to the sea, Belle Époque facades and villas, and a promenade that stretches along the fine sandy beach, this seaside resort invites visitors to relax and explore its romantic locations. The best restaurants in Cabourg proudly reflect its delicate charms in their menus, serving cuisine that blends classic and modern flavours.

  • A gourmet break in Cabourg

    What better way to start the day than a breakfast or brunch in Cabourg? And because, as the saying goes, the sun comes out several times a day in Normandy, a shellfish lunch on the terrace is a very good option. As the sun starts to go down, why not enjoy another terrace, but this time on the waterfront overlooking Cabourg beach? Your view of the setting sun will be truly memorable. Living and eating well in Normandy also means dining in timelessly elegant settings that are as opulent as they are poetic. In your gourmet restaurant, subtle 'surf' or 'turf' culinary creations will pay homage to Norman cuisine.

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