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Restaurants in Tours and surroundings

  • Follow in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci in Chambray-lès-Tours

    Step back in time in Chambray-lès-Tours, a town a few miles from Tours and Amboise, on the Châteaux de la Loire tourist trail, and go back to the Renaissance! When Leonardo da Vinci left his native Italy to move to France, he lay down his paintbrushes at Clos-Lucé, a 25-minute drive from here. So it is only natural that the top restaurants in Chambray-lès-Tours pay homage to him, using a whole range of local ingredients.
  • Top-notch regional cuisine in Chambray-lès-Tours

    Chambray-lès-Tours is the ideal place to stop while exploring the region’s castles. It is a natural haven, offering green spaces, a lake and the Saint-Laurent wood, which is the perfect place for a stroll or bike ride. And while you’re here, take the opportunity to sample the local food. Restaurants in Chambray-lès-Tours offer cuisine based on seasonal ingredients, served in a warm and cosy atmosphere, on a shaded terrace with views of the greenery or right in the heart of the town. Discover local treats such as balzacienne tarts, andouillettes, fouée breads and goat’s cheese!
  • Châteaux and wine: a match made in heaven

    After exploring the castles in Chenonceau, Amboise and Langeais, extend your visit to Chambray-lès-Tours with a trip to the Château de la Branchoire in town. You will also have the chance to try a wide range of regional fine or cuvée wines made by small local producers in the town's wine bars. On Sundays, enjoy brunch in Chambray-lès-Tours before setting off on a stroll. Visiting the city is both a cultural and gastronomic treat!

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