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Restaurants in La Rochelle and surroundings

  • La Rochelle: a historic coastal city

    The spray of the Atlantic Ocean welcomes you to La Rochelle. Start with the Old Port and visit its three 16th-century towers for a birds-eye view of the city. After sharpening your senses and whetting your appetite, the best restaurants in La Rochelle await. Sample revisited traditional dishes with a twist and authentic cuisine inspired by the major culinary traditions of the Charente-Maritime region, made using seasonal ingredients.

  • La Rochelle and the specialities of Charente

    Cagouilles (snails stuffed with sausage meat), Mouclades (mussels with shallots and white wine), Fagot Charentais (pig liver pâté) and Pavés de La Rochelle (unmissable chocolates) are just some of the regional specialities you can enjoy in the restaurants in La Rochelle. They'll provide you with plenty of energy to do all the many activities available with your family or friends, from the museum of automatons and scale models to the Natural History Museum. And no trip is complete without a visit to La Rochelle’s aquarium. It’s one of the largest in Europe with 550,000 litres of water and some 12,000 sea creatures to discover.

  • A restaurant with a terrace in La Rochelle

    When the warmer days return, you can eat on the terrace in the city centre or near the ocean: there is always something different to see in La Rochelle. You can also share brunch at the weekend before heading to stroll in the shade at Charruyer park with its many birds or to see the city from a different angle from the Ferris wheel, day or night.

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