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Restaurants in Massy and surroundings

  • Tastes of France and Beyond

    Once bucolic rural villages, the neighbouring communes of Massy and Palaiseau were incorporated into the southern suburbs of Paris during the mid-20th century. Now a popular home for commuters to the capital, the area boasts the Massy-Palaiseau TGV station and a 30-minute, direct line to Gare du Nord. And, just as it has been shaped by both its tranquil past and its fast-paced present, so its cuisine offers an exciting blend of traditional French dishes and global influences inspired by an influx of multicultural residents. Here, you’re just as likely to find authentic Italian, Indian and Japanese restaurants as you are a classic French bistro.

  • The Best of All Worlds

    Some of the area’s restaurants have drawn inspiration from this culinary dichotomy, honouring both local and foreign cuisine on the same menu. Where else can you linger over platters of sustainable French charcuterie, cheeses and patés; or, without leaving the premises, embark on a culinary world tour with a spicy pad thai or Italian-style pasta? Have limited time while waiting for a connection at Massy-Palaiseau? You don’t have to go far to find these diverse dining options, with bistros near the station serving everything from health-conscious French bistronomy to specialties from as far afield as Korea and Hawaii.

  • A Hub for Post-Work Drinks

    Wherever you choose to eat, be sure to peruse the drinks menu for locally crafted beers and spirits from across the fertile Île-de-France region. Eaux de vie, or distilled fruit spirits in tempting flavours such as pear, strawberry and peach, are a particular after-work favourite at the towns’ sociable cocktail bars and bistros. These tend to come alive in the early evening, as commuters arrive home from their jobs in central Paris. For this reason, the area around the station offers the best nightlife in Massy – Palaiseau, with the lobby bars of local hotels often taking centre stage.

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