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  • Seasonal gastronomy in Pantin

    Pantin is a stone’s throw from Paris, in Seine-Saint-Denis. You’ll know it by its large, restored windmills. After visiting the capital, Pantin offers a welcome break with a healthy helping of culture, nature and good food. You can go boating without a licence on the Ourcq canal to quickly reach Les Buttes-Chaumont park — a green haven — or La Villette park, with its many activities to enjoy with family or friends. Pantin’s best restaurants offer seasonal cuisine that uses regional ingredients.
  • Varied cuisine in Pantin

    It’s easy to satisfy all your culinary cravings in Pantin. Will you choose French, Italian, Middle Eastern or Asian cuisine? Whether you’re looking for a restaurant for a lunch meeting, a birthday meal or a celebratory dinner, Pantin can meet all your needs. Once your appetite has been sated, take the time to explore the town, from the 17th-century church and national dance centre to the art galleries and luxury boutiques. Although Paris is just a few stops away by metro, Pantin offers a taste of the capital on a more manageable scale.
  • Brunch in Pantin

    When it’s sunny, make the most of an outdoor terrace in Pantin or a bar overlooking the Ourcq canal. On Sunday, a relaxing brunch is in order before heading for a walk along the embankment, playing Mölkky or petanque, or setting off on an adventure through the streets of Paris.

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