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Terrace in Paris

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  • Le Jardin Privé

    Paris 75001

    International, Terrace

    Average meal price 39 EUR *

  • Le Génie Sous Les Etoiles

    Paris 75011

    4  (362)

    Bistronomy, Terrace

    Average meal price 28 EUR *

  • Blossom

    Paris 75008

    French, Terrace

    Average meal price 49 EUR *

  • Le Bar du Faubourg

    Paris 75008

    Bistronomy, Terrace

    Average meal price 43 EUR *

  • Mozami Restaurant

    Paris 75020

    Bistronomy, Terrace

    Average meal price 17 EUR *

  • Le SpeakArt Bar

    Paris 75018

    4.1  (77)

    Cocktail bar, Terrace

    Average meal price 25 EUR *

  • Le Tribe Batignolles

    Paris 75017

    Cocktail bar, Terrace

    Average meal price 21 EUR *

  • Le Paris Bercy

    Paris 75012

    Bistronomy, Terrace

    Average meal price 18 EUR *

  • Matsuhisa Paris

    Paris 75008

    4.3  (258)

    Japanese, Terrace

    Average meal price 120 EUR *

  • La Cuisine

    Paris 75008

    3.6  (21)

    French, Terrace

    Average meal price 110 EUR *


Terrace in Paris

  • An ingenious terrace in Paris

    Bastille is one of the French capital's most vibrant districts. With its bars, restaurants, opera and theatres, it's a constant flow of people looking for culinary and cultural gems. A stone's throw from the Marais, you'll find this restaurant with a terrace in Paris. You've simply got to head to Génie sous les Étoiles, a restaurant with an authentic, top-notch bistro menu that only serves fresh, seasonal produce. The food is designed to be enjoyed in the open air on the spacious terrace in the shade of the maple trees.
  • A private terrace in Paris

    In the La Défense business district, it can be hard to find privacy amongst the crowds. But it can be done at Quinte&Sens, a restaurant with an intimate terrace in Paris that you can hire for any private event you wish to organise. It's a great way to enjoy the venue's original concept in peace and quiet, sampling the five different types of cuisine on offer and the tasty meals made using meticulously selected produce. Savour a moment of calm tranquillity before rejoining the seemingly never-ending hustle and bustle of life in Paris.
  • A terrace in the west

    La Halle Quatre is a restaurant oozing with the ambience of an authentic marketplace. And like the venue itself, which is located near Montparnasse station which serves western France, the cuisine is naturally inspired by the flavours of Brittany and Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Although the restaurant is spacious, it is still possible to find a secluded spot away from prying eyes on its exceptional terrace in Paris, which has a real sense of intimacy. The food served here is revisted regional cuisine made using locally, directly sourced produce. This is one restaurant that definitely hasn't lost its bearings!