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Restaurants in Porticcio and surroundings

  • Porticcio: all the beauty of Corsica

    Porticcio has the full package: sky, sun and sea. Wherever you look, the wild beauty of southern Corsica will make your heart skip a beat. A stone’s throw from Ajaccio, Porticcio lies at an altitude of 400 metres, offering unobstructed panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Shaded beaches, hiking paths and architectural sites await you in this small town. You can experience Porticcio’s timeless charm in its best restaurants, where typical dishes made using local ingredients are daily staples.
  • Local specialities in the heart of the countryside

    People come to Porticcio to relax on the beaches or hike along its tree-lined paths. All of which whet your appetite for seasonal Mediterranean cuisine and Corsican specialities. In a restaurant with a terrace offering sea views, try local cured meats such as Coppa and Lonzu and enjoy Figatellu sausages and Canistrelli cookies. Then, set off to explore your surroundings again, try out some water sports or relax in a spa.
  • Dinner in Porticcio at sunset

    You simply must take advantage of Porticcio's idyllic setting by having Sunday brunch with family or friends. In the evening, when the temperature is cooler and the sun is setting, enjoy an authentic dinner outdoors while planning tomorrow’s activities. Will you go sightseeing to see the Genoese Tour de Capitello or the Tour de Frassu? Or will you take a boat trip to the Iles Sanguinaires or the Capo di Feno? It's hard to go wrong when deciding what to do in Porticcio!

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