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Restaurants in Nantes and surroundings

  • Terraces and gardens in Nantes, imbued with the magic of the City of the Dukes of Brittany

    Nantes is renowned for its enviable lifestyle, and there are plenty of lovely terraces in this city. Whether they are on its narrow, paved streets or along the Loire or Erdre rivers, the ambiance is always positive and vibrant. Lots of restaurants in Nantes offer views over one of the many wooded parks, which give the city centre a real sense of space and fresh air. In the evening, terraces echo with the sound of live music and happy guests. In Nantes, you can enjoy just the right blend of culture and joie de vivre!

  • Bars and restaurants in Nantes for every occasion

    From little local bars and informal outdoor eateries to bistros or ultra-chic restaurants, Nantes has all kinds of settings for welcoming visitors. If you are looking for a business lunch or romantic tete-a-tete, Nantes' restaurants are so multifaceted you're sure to find one to suit. Cocktail bars rub shoulders with live music cafes, as diversity reigns supreme in this city. If you're celebrating a special occasion, restaurants in Nantes cater to your every need for Valentine's Day, weddings, family meals and business dinners.

  • Whether for brunch or breakfast, the best restaurants in Nantes know how to please

    Nantes is a cosmopolitan city, and this is reflected in its food. Are you into hip French cuisine, or is world food more your thing? The best restaurants in Nantes are ready to welcome you at any time of day. So whether you're looking for breakfast or brunch in Nantes, vegetarian or a more traditional option, you'll find that both the choice of dishes and the hospitality are fit for a king!

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