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  • Roma restaurants for travellers and holidaymakers

    When in Rome, eat like a Roman. The Italian capital is renowned worldwide for its food culture, and no visit there is complete without several delicious meals in authentic eateries. From pizza to pasta and pasticcini, Italian cuisine delights diners of all ages. Bars in Rome are equally varied and welcoming and they are, of course, the place to sample the produce of Italy’s vineyards. Here are a few tips for this buzzing metropolis.

  • Breakfast in Rome

    Picture the scene: you wake up in your pristine Italian linens on your first morning in Rome. It’s time for breakfast, so you head down to the street below to find the place for a coffee and creamy pastry, or perhaps a revitalising omelette filled with fresh Italian cheese. Some of Rome’s best restaurants and cafes serve breakfast, so be sure to explore your options. Needless to say, lunch in Rome is also delicious, so consider leaving a little room for some carbonara or spaghetti cacio e pepe, for example.

  • Popular restaurants in Rome

    Rome’s climate is warm and sunny for much of the year, which makes outdoor dining a real pleasure. If you and your fellow travellers are interested in a restaurant with a terrace in Roma, there are several options to choose from. In the city’s heart, they serve Italian cuisine made using seasonal ingredients from morning until late into the night. Buon appetito!

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