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  • Venice’s best restaurants

    No traveller leaves Venice without falling in love. As one of Europe’s most cherished cities, it attracts travellers from far and wide every year. The city exudes an atmosphere that is exuberant and mysterious in equal parts. At its heart are the Piazza San Marco and Doge’s Palace, but there are still lots of hidden gems for travellers to discover in quiet corners. Fittingly, there are lots of popular restaurants in Venice, so it is worth exploring the canals and backstreets to find your favourites.

  • A restaurant with a view in Venice

    Calling in at a restaurant with friends in Venice is a quintessentially Italian experience. International travellers are often charmed by the vibrant, welcoming ambiance as they relish their pizzas with a bottle of good local wine. The bars in Venice are very charming and cater to all tastes. Romantic restaurants in Venice are also an experience all of their own – what could be more enchanting than a night in an ancient city with your beloved?

  • Vegetarian restaurants in Venice

    Anyone looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Venice won’t be disappointed, as Italian cuisine has plenty of meat-free dishes to choose from. Italian produce is nourished by the warm Mediterranean sun, lending it a distinctive flavour. In Venice, you will find excellent restaurants in elegant 18th-century boutique hotels that encapsulate the city’s old-world charms. If you’re visiting Venice for an occasion, they are also perfect for banquets, birthdays, business lunches and weddings.

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