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  • A Bounty of Fresh Ingredients

    The Sardinian comune of Villasimius is famous for its ancient archaeological sites, spectacular sun-soaked beaches – and of course, the world-famous cuisine of the island as a whole. Quintessentially Mediterranean dishes blend influences from mainland Italy with those of the visiting seafarers, traders and pirates who shaped its history. At their core is a bounty of fresh produce, ranging from sun-ripened tomatoes and olives grown on the fertile slopes of the interior, to fish and shellfish pulled fresh from its azure waters. Herbs, grown organically and rich in full-bodied flavours, are another key component of local dishes.

  • Southern Sardinian Specialties

    The fact that Villasimius was historically known as Carbonara tells you everything you need to know about its particular culinary pedigree. Seafood reigns supreme, with dishes specific to the southern coast including burrida a sa casteddaja (dogfish with vinegar and walnuts) and spaghitus cun arritzonis (sea urchin spaghetti). Many Villasimius restaurants also pair stunning seaviews or beachfront settings with classics from the wider Sardinian table – fregola or malloreddus pasta, anyone? The island has plenty for dessert aficionados, too, with seadas (fried pastry pockets filled with pecorino cheese and drizzled with local honey) being a particular favourite.

  • And to Wash It All Down?

    Villasimius has much to offer wine connoisseurs, with bars all over the comune serving labels inspired by the island’s diverse terroirs. Want to sample them at their source? Organic small-batch vineyards perched on the terraces above Villasimius produce two of the island’s best-loved varietals: vermentino (white) and cannonau (red). Other Sardinian specialities of the liquid variety include mirto, a traditional after-dinner spirit made from myrtle berries; and limoncello, an icy lemon liqueur perfect for cooling down after a dip in the crystal-blue Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area.

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