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Yi by Jereme Leung


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Arrtistic adaptations of provincial cuisine from different regions of China

  • Jereme Leung's first restaurant in Singapore

  • Contemporary adaptations of China's provincial cuisine

  • Handcrafted white floral petals adorn entrance

  • Dining hall design inspired by Chinese myths

The culinary trip continues with artistic adaptions of provincial cuisine from different regions of China such as the Hundred-ring Cucumber & Poached Sea Whelk with Soy Sauce Vinaigrette, a classic dish found in China's Northern region during warm summer months. The dish is skilfully sliced with a hundred cuts forming a continuous spiral.

Jereme's creations delight guests all over the world and challenge them to reappraise their concept of Chinese cuisine with restaurants in multiple cities in China, the Maldives, the Philippines and even aboard two cruise ships.

In his first full-service dining concept in Raffles Hotel Singapore, Jereme will bring guests on a unique journey across China through artful adaptations of heritage masterpieces and ancient delicacies. His dishes celebrate culinary tradition and craftsmanship using single-sourced and seasonal ingredients. To Jereme, it is all about capturing the essence of provincial ethnic cuisines using healthy, seasonal produce enhanced by modern cooking techniques.

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Contemporary Chinese cuisine bringing you on a provincial journey of China

Chef Consultant Jereme Leung - Yi by Jereme Leung - Singapore

Chef Consultant Jereme Leung

Singaporean Chef Jereme Leung began his culinary career at the age of 13, starting from the kitchens of Hong Kong. Since then, he has mastered all cornerstones of Chinese cooking and has continued to hone his craft at some of the most prestigious hotels in Southeast Asia before embarking a food pilgrimage across China in the 1990s to explore the flavours of different regions, their ingredients and cooking techniques, opening more than 9 restaurants around the wo9rld. 藝 by Jereme Leung is his first restaurant in Singapore and a long-awaited homecoming.​

Yi by Jereme Leung - Singapore

Deep rooted culinary traditions while celebrating modernity

Nestled in the restored Raffles Arcade, 藝yi by Jereme Leung is a hidden world of deep rooted culinary traditions while celebrating the art of storytelling and modernity, perfectly complementing Jereme's culinary style.


"Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5, based on 370 reviews"

  • Carmen L

    5 stars out of 5

    2 days ago

    Atmosphere is spacious and cost.Front desk customer service very helpful,staff are friendly,specially Jess Khoo and Oliver who served our tables one.

  • Jo Baker

    1 stars out of 5

    1 week ago

    I spent $258 on the New Year set menu and seriously disliked every dish. And I mean, every dish. Some were completely tasteless (the fish) and others so badly put together I felt sick (the lobster). Pork knuckle was all fat and the fish served with a sauce so gloopy it wanted to be played with not eaten. I thought they couldn't destroy a noodle dish and I was wrong. The noodles with scallops tasted like they'd been covered in the most basic sauce and scraps of meat from the floor. I rarely leave bad reviews but I have to warn you not to come to this restaurant. There are so many great restaurants in Singapore. This has been the most expensive and the worst. I'm actually upset by my experience and the money I parted with. The staff were lovely and the dim sum they serve at lunch (sadly not dinner as that would have been my preference) looks good but I would recommend other places in Singapore to spend that kind of money.

  • Al Hogarth

    1 stars out of 5

    1 week ago

    A complete disaster. We had the testing menu and it was absolutely awful. Perhaps this sort of food is simply not to our taste but every single dish was not just tasteless, but nigh on inedible.

    This was genuinely the worst dining experience from a food perspective that I have ever had. Perhaps a tasting menu is supposed to be challenging or interesting, but everything was gloopy, fatty or vile. And at $250 per person.

    Only the wine kept us going. I have never left a bad review but just want to warn anyone unsuspecting to skip this place in favour of literally anywhere else in Singapore…

    That said, the decor was nice and the service superb, it’s just that the food was so so bad.

    Sounds like the dim sum and duck are alright but they are not available for dinner it seems. What was on offer as the main event instead was, I’m afraid, disgusting. Honestly, go anywhere else.

  • Jeremiah Su

    3 stars out of 5

    2 weeks ago

    Came for the Lunar New Year dinner set.

    Was seated by 5pm and had a private room for 7 pax.

    Serving portions were huge and quite filling!

    YuSheng was nice with abalone substituting salmon.

    But the quality of food is questionable.

    Most were either too bland or too salty for my liking (personal preference). There didn’t seem to be a consistency in the tastes and flavours.

    Fish was flaky, but was deboned so that was a nice touch.

    The Char Siew was pretty good and juicy, very nice.

    The Mee Pok with tomato base was good as well, I had two bowls of it. Scallops were done perfectly.

    Rest wasn’t memorable enough.

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#03-02, Raffles Arcade 328 North Bridge Road
Singapore 189673

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  • Reservation recommended

  • Air conditioning

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