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Book a table in one of the best restaurants in Spain and abroad! For all occasions whether for a romantic dinner, a business meal or with friends, enjoy a unique gastronomic experience with local and international cuisine in a friendly setting. Several possible meals (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner ...) and various types of menus.


  • Snacking in France, Italy and Spain


    Snacking in France, Italy and Spain

    Who doesn’t love a light – or hearty! – snack? Discover what people in southern Europe tend to eat and drink between meals.

  • brunch


    Brunch Around the World

    More than just a mash-up of two meals, brunch has become synonymous with indulgence, leisurely weekends and special occasions.

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  • Tapas and so much more

    If you’re thinking Spanish cuisine, you’re almost certainly thinking tapas first and foremost. In so many ways, tapas encapsulate the warmth and conviviality of Spanish culture, as well as its emphasis on pleasure and good quality ingredients. No trip to the country is complete without at least one visit to a tapas bar, but it’s worth remembering that Spanish cuisine is actually remarkably varied. This perhaps isn’t surprising when you consider the diversity of its landscapes and the unique characters of its cities.
  • A land of contrasts

    Spain is a huge country that takes in everything from snow-capped mountains to deserts, pristine white beaches and vibrant metropolises. As a result, its food culture includes dozens of different regional variations with hundreds of local specialties, so it’s very worthwhile exploring the hidden gems each area offers. Spanish cuisine has also developed a truly international outlook, so it’s easy for visitors to do a “culinary world tour” in a single city.
  • Restaurants with friends in Madrid and beyond

    The wealth of restaurants available in Spain often offer a truly unique “open kitchen” concept in the heart of Spain’s capital and beyond. The ambiance is dynamic yet cosy, making them ideal when holidaying with friends. The bars are equally varied. For example, in Sotogrande on the Costa del Sol, there is a hip and original “mixology” bar that gives visitors a delicious taste of Andalusian lifestyle in a bright, contemporary setting. Buen provecho!