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Restaurants in Bodrum and surroundings

  • Beautiful Bodrum

    Often referred to as the most glamorous hangout in the Mediterranean, this former fishing village has become one of Turkey’s most popular vacation hotspots. Find golden beaches kissing turquoise seas and thrilling hidden coves, while onshore, discover casual beach bars with awesome sea views. You will uncover a vibrant café culture and a plethora of restaurants in Bodrum, serving up tasty Mediterranean food as well as Asian and Italian-inspired dishes.

  • Seafood and ocean views

    The sea informs everything here, from the vast choice of seafood to the shimmering ocean views that can be enjoyed from numerous beach bars and restaurants in Bodrum. Seek out a stylish, bohemian hangout for a long, leisurely lunch, then dine the night away under the stars in a beach bar with the sand between your toes. If the mood takes you, head out for late night entertainment and dance until sunrise at one of the many brilliant bars in Bodrum.

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