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Restaurants in Izmir and surroundings

  • Izmir: A diner’s dream

    Find the historic city of Izmir perched on Turkey’s sparkling Aegean coast. Rich in heritage and tradition, this cultural hub features colourful markets, historic sites, golden beaches and important museums. The streets are lined with bars and cafes, while the bustling restaurants in Izmir serve up incredible Turkish cuisine alongside a range of popular international dishes that will delight every diner.

  • A culinary celebration

    Often referred to as the jewel of the Aegean, Izmir’s seafront location lends this attractive destination a unique vibrancy and pace. Find waterside restaurants and cafes in Izmir with breath-taking views over the bay, and discover a vast range of healthy food choices, including fresh fish and grilled meats. You can also enjoy fine dining in Izmir, with many restaurants offering a delicious a la carte menu, while live music is also very popular.

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