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Restaurants in United Arab Emirates

Book a table in one of the best restaurants in United Arab Emirates and abroad! For all occasions whether for a romantic dinner, a business meal or with friends, enjoy a unique gastronomic experience with local and international cuisine in a friendly setting. Several possible meals (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner ...) and various types of menus.

About · United Arab Emirates

  • Where dining is a social affair

    In the UAE, hospitality is undoubtedly central to everything you do, and is an integral part in evolving friendships, nourishing relationships and almost all things social. Starting from the traditional way of serving Arabic Kahwa, a welcoming drink with dates and often plumps, to hosting lavish tables filled with the everything one can offer to their guest. In this part of the world, you will get pleasantly overwhelmed by the selection available ranging from award winning restaurants to the hidden gems of the city, where fine cuisine and inspiration find a perfect balance.

  • Brunch: we just can’t get enough of it.

    There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a long extended brunch in an idyllic vibe over the weekend - and UAE has plenty and more to choose from! Experience cuisines from all over the world in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere fit for all – from couples, to friends, to families – everyone gets to enjoy an exceptional meal in extraordinary settings.

  • Afternoon Tea: Luxury in a leisurely setting

    Another indulgence in this fast paced country is the lazy afternoon tea with sumptuous patisseries, delicious savory bites, and a wide selection of fragrant teas. Visit some of the glitzy afternoon with fragrant teas, sumptuous patisseries and delicious savory bites.