Carte des meilleurs restaurants en ville ou aux alentours de Al khobar

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Restaurants à Al Khobar et alentours

  • Where authentic Arabian flavors blend with international cuisine.

    A former fishing village that burst into life after the discovery of oil in neighboring regions, Al Khobar has become a hotspot for tourists drawn by its warm winter weather, charming waterfront restaurants, plethora of parks and huge choice of aqua sports. On the food front, you can find a dish or drink to suit almost every taste. Authentic Arabian dishes mingle with international menus, rich Indian flavors sit alongside fast-food chains and cool coffee shops offer up a sociable hangout. The nightlife is legendary here too, with late-night cafes and restaurants beckoning you in. 

  • From family-friendly restaurants to romantic destinations, just for two.

    Explore the myriad of marvelous things to see and do at the Corniche, a large waterfront area, including Prince Faisal bin Fahad Sea Park, with cafes and playgrounds. Nearby, the city’s island Water Tower offers panoramic views while The Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Science & Technology Center has an aquarium and IMAX theater. Early birds can grab a big breakfast in one of the many restaurants and cafes or take a little longer over a leisurely brunch. There are also plenty of places for a long lunch, from all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants for the whole family to fine dining experiences just for two. As a coastal city, seafood is served in abundance, with specialist fish restaurants offering up the catch of the day. Indian restaurants are also very popular for both lunch and dinner, while international dishes are available throughout the city. 

  • Dine outdoors and watch divine sunsets, together.

    As day gives way to night, the city lights up with late-night cafes offering great entertainment as well as romantic restaurants for evening meals. In Al Khobar you can enjoy dinner outdoors - the balmy evening air means you can soak up sunsets and star watch, even in the winter months.

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