Sweet Burgers: A Revolutionary Take on a Culinary Classic

Sweet Burger

Reinvent the classic burger with our tantalising alternative, replacing savoury staples with chocolate, fruit and honey.

Succulent meat, crisp lettuce, the tang of sharp cheese and the wholesome texture of an exquisitely fresh bun. These are the flavours one expects from one of the world’s favourite dishes: the burger. But what if we asked you to forget everything you’ve ever known about this savoury staple and rediscover it in its newest incarnation? Welcome to an impossibly delicious and endlessly customisable sweet burger.

The Secret to Sweet Success

Every good burger begins with a homemade bun, and these sweet versions are no exception. Instead of regular bread, though, expect artisan brioche, prepared fresh the same day by our expert chefs. Baked to caramel perfection with a buttery yellow crumb, the feather lightness and intense sugared flavour of our sweet burger buns illustrates why brioche is one of the biggest stars of a French-style brunch. Bon appetit!

A Filling for Every Occasion

Like its savoury counterpart, the versatility of the sweet burger is limited only by your imagination. Fillings can be designed to order, giving you the opportunity to create a culinary outlet for your personal taste and creativity. As the finishing note to a romantic celebration, choose the sinful decadence of melted chocolate and thick whipped cream. As an accompaniment to a light lunch, a health-conscious concoction of fresh fruit and organic honey; and for children, the colourful enchantment of a tutti-frutti burger crafted from red fruit and vanilla-laced Chantilly cream. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not opt for a more daring pairing: chocolate and lime, maybe, or strawberry and avocado cream. Or, if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, treat yourself to one of the curated selections from the menu. With peerless gastronomy at the heart of everything we do, you can rest assured that our chefs know all about sublime flavour combinations.

A Dessert, and a Tradition

Whichever version of our famed sweet burger speaks to you – and whether you choose to try something new or stick with a tried-and-tested preference – one thing is certain: what at first seems like a novelty will soon become part of your culinary tradition, an important part of family celebrations, and a reason to return to your favourite restaurant time and time again.

(*) Average meal price calculated on the basis of starter and main course or main course and dessert, excluding drinks, menu and promotional offers. The average price is an estimate only, calculated according to the prices provided by the restaurant. Depending on the country, the average price may or may not include all taxes.