Homemade Iced Cappuccino

Homemade Iced Cappuccino

Our barista Julie Vaudron shares her recipe for iced cappuccino, a refreshing option for your next coffee break.

In summer, it’s a nice change of pace to swap out the usual hot coffee for a cold drink. A glass of iced coffee hits the spot without sacrificing your need for caffeine!

With this recipe for iced cappuccino, you can easily create your own refreshing beverage at home, personalised with your preference of vanilla, caramel or chocolate. The only devices you need are an espresso maker and an electric frother, which produces the milky foam of your gourmet cappuccino.

Some espresso machines come with a steam wand, but equally good are battery-powered frothers, widely available at numerous retailers at an affordable price. So there’s no reason to deprive yourself of this summertime treat!

Ingredients (1 glass)

1 or 2 shots of espresso
350 ml milk
Ice cubes
Optional: syrup (vanilla, caramel, chocolate or another flavour), dark chocolate or cocoa powder


Prepare one or two shots of espresso. As the coffee is brewing, pour very cold milk into a pitcher and froth it with an electric milk frother.

Put several ice cubes in a large stem glass, then pour in the espresso. When the coffee has cooled, add more ice cubes and all the frothed milk.

For a personalised touch
Before adding the frothed milk, you could stir in your choice of syrup. Top the foam with finely grated dark chocolate or some cocoa powder.

A tip for caffeine lovers

For those who dislike watering down their espresso with ice, make coffee cubes in advance! Simply pour cool coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze until solid. That way you’ll have caffeine cubes on hand whenever you’re in the mood for strong iced coffee.

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